Nächste DASYLab-Schulungstermine bei measX:
DASYLab und Python 20.06. + 21.06.2017 Mönchengladbach
Messwerterfassung mit DASYLab – Grundlagen 27.06. + 28.06.2017 Ludwigsburg
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Uli Deussen

Welcome to the new German DASYLab board

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A warm welcome to the German DASYLab forum…

We the measX team hope that you will use this platform extensively, in order to communicate your desires and suggestions convey your experiences to other DASYLab Usern.

We will effort to answer all questions fast, but however we would like to ask you for some patience especially for questions regarding complex problem definitions.

We look forward to your contributions

Your DASYLab team

Unfortunately we cannot avoid that unqualified contributions are submitted, which do not have as subject DASYLab . We will delete these as fast as possible and will ban the respective user.

Remark for our Resellers all over the world:

We also have a special (English) area for the official resellers of DASYLab. If you are registered as reseller you will be able to enter. If you wish to be set to reseller status please send an email to the board administrator.

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